I could not guarantee the consistency of frequent entries. With too many things requiring our attention daily, random entries to this will be a treat. Not meant to be read, but rather a storage space of thoughts for my own reflection from time to time.  

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Monday, September 29, 2008 :::
Life happens... many projects are started, then neglected, and rarely revisited. We busy ourselves with other tasks and agendas. It is a common theme amongst many. Some start projects around the house and before long find themselves juggling too many unfinished tasks to complete even just one. Relationships are such, as we fail to keep in touch and unintentionally push the pause button as other life issues take precedence. This weblog is an example. When starting four years back, I wanted to find an avenue to pour out my daily or weekly thoughts so that later in time, those pages could be revisited. Our mind is always creating, solving problems, or in a state of sensory synaptic storms (enjoying). The more active our mind is with living, the worse our memory retention is. When not giving ourselves moments to review the day's events, we are not able to inscribe those memories and create lasting imprints in the mind. It is as if we are speedreading through our daily lives. The world is not simple as before; even children are overloaded with stimulation and distractions before even starting grammar school. I often find myself swimming upstream against the river of life full of so many wonderful things flowing by. I am dusting off this weblog to take note of some of these daily treasures, one page at a time. Time takes its toll, and as we take our daily walks in life's timeline, we will oneday stroll back to these blogs to relive each step. When you find a treasure, bury it in a chest, mark the spot on a map, and dig it up later to relive and enjoy your jewels. Imagine that, to someday go treasure hunting for our own stash of life.


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