I could not guarantee the consistency of frequent entries. With too many things requiring our attention daily, random entries to this will be a treat. Not meant to be read, but rather a storage space of thoughts for my own reflection from time to time.  

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Wednesday, April 02, 2003 :::
Yesterday, during the CNN news coverage on the Iraqi war, a story on internet publishing caught my attention. There were two professors commenting on how the blogging community has become an intellectual hive of intellects. Instead of individuals being isolated, people are reading, responding, and coming up with collective commentaries and solutions to problems at a phenominal rate. A few years ago, I thought online chatting was the start of something cool, but never could have imagined it giving birth to online-gaming, and now on-line think tanks. I've been putting off posting on this blogspot for over a year, when I first created it. Overcoming the fear of sharing my thoughts and beliefs with the world was monumental. Considering the world as it is right now, and where it seems to be heading, the news report on blogging has given me more comfort and courage to acutually use this outlet for my voice, heart, and mind.

The world is a much different place than it was when I was growing up. Children of today are more techie-saavy and have a more effective arsenal of tools to express themselves. We thought passing notes in class was taboo, now gigabytes of information is readily shared via CDs and DVDs during recess in school hallways. Being aware of this difference is key in how we educate and motivate our young of today; our leaders of tomorrow.

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